Automate Network Mapping

Instantly build customized diagrams and reports

Automate Network Troubleshooting

Automate hundreds of diagnoses without any scripting

Automate Network Changes

Validate the impact a change has before it causes an outage

Analyze your network with Dynamic Maps

NetBrain's deep network discovery will build a rich mathematical model of the network’s topology and underlying design. The data collected by the system is automatically embedded within every map and exportable to MS Visio, Word, or Excel.

  • Documentation On Demand

    • Map a critical application flow

      Input a source and destination address to get a targeted layer-3 or layer-2 map of every hop in the path.

    • Immediately see where any server is connected

      Perform a search for the server and create a layer-2 map directly from the search results.

    • Automatically maintain a Visio repository

      NetBrain can export any diagram to MS Visio with one-click and keep it up-to-date automatically.


    Automated Documentation [01:43]

  • Deep Application Flow Analysis

    • Using an application's source and destination address, you can map the layer-2 or layer-3 application flow across the network.

    • You can analyze the application traffic at the port level by choosing the layer-4 protocol and port number. NetBrain will map the path based on layer-4 rules.

    • Deep application flow analysis supports a range of technologies including routing, switching, NAT, ACL, MPLS, PBR, Load Balancing, and QoS.


    Map an Application Flow

  • Discover and Analyze a Complex Network

    • NetBrain collects design data from the network as part of a deep network discovery. Recurring benchmarks keep the data up-to-date.

    • Zoom into a dynamic diagram to access rich design and configuration data, as well as detailed device attributes.

    • Instantly visualize routing design, spanning-tree status, multicasting configuration and more, with one-click highlighting.


    Zoom In to Analyze Network Design

  • Automate Network Compliance Tasks

    • Maintain up-to-date diagrams of network topology required for compliance audits - available in Visio format.

    • Generate detailed inventory and audit reports of the network infrastructure.

    • Run compliance verification Qapps to demonstrate and validate adherence. Easily customize your own for any compliance standard.


    Run Compliance Verification Qapp

  • Document Network Inventory and Design

    • Need documentation for a design review? With one-click, you can generate a design document in Microsoft Word or a detailed inventory report in Excel.

    • Documents and reports can be customized to provide the information you need - whether it's a specific design, or a customized inventory.

    • Since NetBrain can export diagrams and reports on-demand, you'll always have access to up-to-date and reliable documentation.


    Export Diagrams & Reports

Diagnose your network automatically, with Apps

When there's an outage, every minute counts. NetBrain can dramatically accelerate troubleshooting by helping you map out the problem area and then automate virtually any diagnosis by running Qapps, NetBrain's adaptive automation technology.

    • Build a Map

      On-demand mapping is ideal for troubleshooting. Create a targeted layer-3 or layer-2 map of the problem area - use it as your 'single pane of glass'.

    • Run Apps

      Rather than logging into network devices one at a time to pull and analyze data, you can run a Qapp to perform that analysis automatically. Choose from dozens built-in, or easily write your own.



    Visual Troubleshooting [01:41]

  • Troubleshoot a Slow Application

    • Map the Application Flow

      You can map the real-time application flow by entering the source and destination addresses of the application into NetBrain.

    • Run Apps to Diagnose Application Performance

      You can write your own apps to diagnose application performance, or run some of these built-in Qapps:

      • Monitor Network Health
      • Layer-4 Port level Analysis
      • NetFlow Analysis



    Monitor Network Health App

  • Troubleshoot Spanning-Tree Problems

    • Map the Bridge Network

      There are several ways to map a bridge network, for example you can map directly from a keyword search or drill down from a layer-3 map into a layer-2 map.

    • Run Apps to Diagnose Spanning-Tree

      You can write your own apps to diagnose spanning-tree, or run some of these built-in Qapps:

      • Highlight STP
      • Detect Speed/Duplex Mismatch
      • Monitor Network Health



    Highlight STP App

  • Troubleshoot Interface Issues

    • Map the Switch Group

      As part of the discovery process, NetBrain automatically creates and organizes the network into Switch Groups. A layer-2 map of any Switch Group is just a click away.

    • Run Apps to Diagnose the Interfaces

      You can write your own apps to diagnose interface health, or run some of these built-in Qapps:

      • Monitor Interface Health
      • Highlight VLAN
      • Check Interface Errors



    Monitor Interface Health App

  • Troubleshoot EIGRP Routing

    • Map the EIGRP Autonomous System

      You can instantly map around the EIGRP Autonomous System (AS) which is having the issue to see which routers should be forming neighbor relationships.

    • Run Apps to Diagnose EIGRP Peering & Configuration

      You can write your own apps to diagnose EIGRP peering and configuration, or run some of these built-in Qapps:

      • Highlight Routing Protocol
      • Highlight EIGRP Configuration
      • Map EIGRP Neighbor Status



    Highlight Routing Protocol App

Have More Confidence in Your Network Changes

With NetBrain, you can deploy configuration updates across many devices at once, with just a click. After changes are made, you can automatically identify the impact they have on topology, routing, and more.

    • Deploy Changes with One Click

      You can define a single configuration template and choose the devices and interfaces it will apply to. Then click Execute.

    • Analyze the Impact Instantly

      Leverage NetBrain's benchmark capability to take a snapshot of the network before the changes. Then compare to the 'after' snapshot.

    • Document the Process Automatically

      With NetBrain's one-click Word documentation, you can capture the changes, affected devices, and even the impacts identified by the system.



    Automate Change Management [01:11]

  • Safely Migrate a Data Center

    • Discover and document the existing data center without tracing any cables.

    • Plan the network change inside NetBrain’s visual workbench and execute the changes systematically without fat-fingering a single command.

    • Automatically test reachability, routing, and topology of the network after the migration.



    Discover and Document Data Center

  • Manage Effective Change Reviews

    • Model network changes by dragging config files onto a new or existing NetBrain diagram.

    • Describe proposed changes inside the map with built-in note-taking and data-collection mechanisms.

    • Automatically implement and document changes. NetBrain’s change documentation engine catalogs the entire change process in a single MS Word document.



    Automatically Document Proposed Changes

How it Works

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