Change Management Reviews

Preparing for a change management review is very labor-intensive. It’s difficult to create clear and comprehensive documentation that defines the scope of the proposed work. After changes have been implemented, the post-change analysis adds even more overhead to the task.

NetBrain can automate the documentation and verification of network changes so preparing for a review can take a few hours, instead of a few weeks.

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Model Network Change

The proposed network design can be modeled with dynamic diagram within NetBrain. You can visualize the physical and logical relationships of new devices alongside the existing network. Simply import a set of config files into a new or existing NetBrain Qmap.

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Describe Changes with a Map

NetBrain offers powerful note-taking and automated data-collection capabilities. Within a NetBrain Qmap, you can automatically execute and save show-commands, annotate the map with highlighting, and take notes in the built-in notes tab. A single Qmap file is the ultimate collaboration media for sharing during your review.

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Automatically Implement & Document Changes

Once you’re ready to implement the changes, you can verify the impact of your changes automatically. Leveraging the unique change management methodology, you can benchmark the network before and after making changes and then perform a comparative analysis between the two benchmarks.

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