Data Center Migration

Typical data center migrations can take a team of people months to complete. There are hundreds of thousands of network components, from cables to routers, which need to be discovered, verified and documented. Incredible efforts go into the planning and execution of the migration. It’s no wonder typical data center migrations often generate multiple network outages. It is therefore imperative to leverage a reliable automation technology for this type of task.

NetBrain is an automation tool that can help data center professionals perform migrations faster and more reliably.

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Discover and Document Data Center Before Migration

Instead of discovering the infrastructure by tracing cables or through the command line, leverage NetBrain’s automated discovery capability. The largest benefit of NetBrain’s discovery is that it produces detailed documentation of the network as a result.

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Plan and Execute Network Migration

Inside NetBrain’s visual workbench environment, you can map the data center to be built and plan configuration changes step-by-step. Once the design is approved, use NetBrain to push configuration changes to many devices at once.

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Automate Testing of the Post-Migration Network

To reduce the risk of outages induced by the change, use NetBrain to automate the testing of the post-migration network. Instead of manually pinging, tracing or running applications to check the readiness of network, run NetBrain to automate many more tests, including:

  • Reachability tests
  • Routing table change verification
  • Key application flow checks
  • Customized tests of any CLI commands

End result: No outages after the migration.

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