Perform an MPLS Upgrade

Running your mission-critical WAN through a service provider’s MPLS core is supposed to decrease your network bill and provide better QoS capability. Before you can enjoy these benefits, you need to overcome two hurdles:

1) Migrate your old WAN to the new technology.

2) Monitor and police the WAN traffic according to the new rules of MPLS, often through QoS.

NetBrain can help in both endeavors:

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Document Existing WAN and Usage Patterns

Leverage NetBrain’s discovery and documentation capabilities to create documentation of the existing WAN infrastructure. This will help establish a baseline of the key performance metrics.

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Monitor the New MPLS Core

Once traffic is connected to the MPLS core, use NetBrain to measure performance data across the new cloud. This will ensure you are getting what you were promised in your Service Level Agreement. You can also baseline key traffic flow across the WAN to prepare for the next step - QoS configuration.

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Apply QoS to the Edge of the MPLS Core

Armed with the QoS plan, you can design and deliver key QoS measures inside NetBrain. You can automatically push the configuration out to all edge devices.

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