Execute a Network Refresh

As much as 50% of network outages are the result of network change. How can you avoid the next outage in your network refresh project? Answer: Automate the change and testing of the change.

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Push Configuration Changes Automatically

After defining your changes in a map-driven environment, you can push the configuration changes to your devices automatically. Save yourself the trouble of fat-fingering the commands or accidentally applying changes to the wrong interface.

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Analyze the Impact

To ensure the change caused no adverse effects, instantly compare the state of the network from before and after you clicked ‘Execute’. Compare configuration, route tables, and specified CLI output side-by-side. This data is captured automatically during the change management flow.

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Automate Testing of Post-Change Network

Instead of selectively testing here and there after the change, use NetBrain to automate the testing of reachability, routing, configuration and even topology. Take the guess-work out of network changes.

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