Document a Complex Network

Documentation is critical for troubleshooting, compliance, planning, and change management. Unfortunately, traditional documentation techniques are error-prone and labor intensive.

NetBrain can dynamically discover complex networks and produce updated documentation with rich details:

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Comprehensive Network Discovery

Traditional auto-discovery tools can tell you what you have in your network but they can’t discover the underlying design. NetBrain’s discovery algorithm is much more comprehensive. In addition to identifying network topology, NetBrain collects and organizes configuration and design data.

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Simple Organization of 'Big Data'

Hundreds of diagrams are usually needed to represent a complete network. Sorting through them all can be a hassle when you need to find the right one in a hurry. NetBrain avoids this problem by enabling the creation of maps on demand. Through the use of visual search or dynamically defined device groups, the right map is always at your fingertips.

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Automated Documentation

Documenting a network for analysis or review used to mean writing Word documents from scratch or creating Excel inventory reports. NetBrain can export customizable design documents or asset reports in a single click to save hours of work.

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Automatic Updating

Most modern networks are constantly undergoing change which means documentation is obsolete nearly as soon as it is created. Maintaining up-to-date documentation used to be a full time job. Dynamic diagrams in NetBrain always reflect the latest state of the network. This is accomplished by the use of recurring benchmarks which automatically scan the network for changes.

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