Document Application Dependencies

Sorting through all the applications running on a network is not a small task. Even a modest network may have countless critical applications running at a time. Each one could have hundreds of traffic paths. Manually documenting these flows is often too time-consuming for most organizations.

Using NetBrain, network application flows can be documented dynamically so that dependencies can be learned in real time.

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Baseline the Network Periodically

Even while the network is dynamically changing, NetBrain can capture the changes with a regularly scheduled baseline process. As a result, you can reference historical data of the traffic flow during troubleshooting.

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Map Live Application Flow

You can map out the live application flow in real time. Simply enter the source and destination addresses. NetBrain’s path engine supports most network technologies including dynamic routing, MPLS, NAT, Policy routing, etc.

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Map Historical Application Flow

In a time of need, historical application flows can also be created by leveraging previous baseline data.

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Measure Network Performance for Key Application Flow

Using IPSLA or Proxy Ping technology, end-to-end or hop-by-hop performance metrics for a specific application can be measured and displayed live on the map.

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