• 1. Network Health At-a-Glance

    This app monitors several health indicators for each device in the map, including CPU and memory utilization as well as interface status, bandwidth utilization, and interface errors. The alert thresholds are adjustable for each parameter.

  • 2. QoS Minute-by-Minute Analysis

    This app highlights each interface in the map with its QoS-related configuration and continuously monitors for QoS health indicators such a queue drops, QoS CPU/Memory usage, and more.

  • 3. Dynamic Routing At-a-Glance

    This app highlights IGP and BGP dynamic routing configuration for each interface in the map, using a color-coded legend as reference.

  • 4. Monitor IGP Routing Status

    This app continuously monitors IGP (EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, and IS-IS) health parameters such as neighbor status, routes learned, route flapping indicators, and more.

  • 5. Map and Monitor Multicasting Status

    This app can be used to dynamically map a multicasting downstream source tree, indicating Last-Hop Routers and First-Hop Routers.