Qmap Reader is a free tool for reliably viewing and printing NetBrain Qmaps. Unlike conventional network diagrams, Qmaps are data-driven and dynamically created. Qmaps are embedded with design and configuration information, all in one place.

Enterprises and network consultants leverage Qmaps for troubleshooting, documentation, and design of complex networks. Qmap Reader enhances these tasks by enabling collaboration and problem escalation with a free tool.

Each Qmap serves as a vessel for carrying network knowledge. After installing Qmap Reader, download ready-made Qmaps from the Qmap Center to sharpen your networking skills and achieve your certification faster.

For information regarding other Qmap products, visit the NetBrain Products page.

Top Features

Dynamic View

View enhanced network details with dynamic zoom. No more cluttered diagrams and overlapping text, zoom in to display the data you want to see.

Access network data in a single place

Configuration & show command results are accessible directly through the Device Data Browser.

Visualize Network Design

Visualize design through color-coded annotations. Routing protocol, multicasting modes, LAN segments, and more can be highlighted on a Qmap.

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