General FAQ:
  • How do customers use NetBrain solutions?
  • Customers typically use NetBrain in one or all of the following scenarios: NOC engineers use NetBrain to map out problem areas and use Qmap to drive troubleshooting. Network consultants use NetBrain to discover customer network, analyze the design, and automate the creation of network assessment reports. Design engineers can build a virtual network inside NetBrain and use NetBrain to verify and validate the design.

  • What is the difference between NetBrain and other network management tools?
  • The difference between NetBrain and other network management tools is that most existing network management tools focus on the network and not user’s engineering workflow. They have not solved the challenges that network professionals face today: it is hard to discover and document an enterprise network; the user must be familiar with the network before troubleshooting a problem; and they do not have a good format or medium to share the network knowledge or to collaborate on design and troubleshooting.

    NetBrain is designed to be the first automation tool for everyday tasks: It is capable of deep-level network discovery and provides on-demand delivery of discovered knowledge to users based on the task at hand. It provides automation for many manual tasks for detailed troubleshooting and design and allows the automation to be customizable by average users. Furthermore, it promotes a mechanism for network professionals to share knowledge and collaborate.

  • What is the difference between Enterprise Edition and Consultant Edition?
  • NetBrain Enterprise Edition provides key features such as document automation, visual troubleshooting, and collaboration for enterprises.  The Consultant Edition is a standalone and portable software suitable for consultants and its main benefit is automating the documentation of network assessment and design with or without access to a live network. is assessment automation.  Please refer to for more details about these two products.

  • Do you provide a FREE trial for NetBrain Enterprise Edition?
  • Yes. We provide a trial edition for NetBrain's Enterprise Edition. The trial edition has the same features as the paid edition.
    Please click here to try out NetBrain Workstation for free.

  • Are there any limitations to the downloadable evaluation copy of the software?
  • NetBrain has two evaluation copies for users to experience NetBrain software features: Instant Trial and Advanced Trial Editions. For Instant Trial, users could log into NetBrain dedicated trial server to experience NetBrain features in lab environment. However, there are some limitations in Instant Trial as follows:
    (1) Unable to discover devices in your real network with Discovery feature.
    (2) Unable to drag and drop config files to create a map.
    (3) Unable to create a local workspace.
    (4) there is only one seat to use.

    For Advanced Trial, users could use all feaures of NetBrain Software to operate on their own network environment, such as discovering network devices, creating local workspace and assigning more seats or node licenses. However, there are some limitations of Advanced Trial compared to formal edition:
    (1) There are up to 300 nodes both in shared workspace and loacl workspace.
    (2) There are at most 15 seats to use.
    (3) The number of devices that can be exported to visio, word document or Asset Report is at most 50.
    (4) The times that creating a map by dragging and dropp config files are at most 15.

  • How much does NetBrain cost?
  • Please submit a request and we will send you a quote with relevant information.

  • What are the system requirements for installing the NetBrain Workstation?
  • To install and run the NetBrain Workstation, it is recommended for your system to meet the following requirements:

    • Computer processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Hard disk: 20 GB free space
    • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003/2008/2012. VMware is supported. Require user with Windows admin rights. Windows 10 is not supported.
  • What is the standard deployment of NetBrain EE system?
  • NetBrain Enterprise Edition (EE) system typically has five components:

    • Customer License Server: Allocates license seats and nodes for all server workspaces, manages user accounts and privileges.
    • Workspace Server: Manages the shared workspace(s) for all workstations, provides benchmark services, configuration and live data management.
    • Network Server: provides Proxy service for Workstations. Each network server can handle up to 2000 network devices. You should install multiple network servers if you have a large network.
    • NetBrain Workstation: the client, provides a platform for dynamic documentation, visual troubleshooting and the shared workspace management and maintenance.
    • Automation Server: Automation Server Executes Network Discovery, Map Updates and Performs Search Indexing.

    For the trial, the customer license server, workspace server, Automation Server and network server can be installed on the same machine. However, for a large network, it is better to install them in separated servers to gain better performance.

  • What network device types does NetBrain support?
  • The following device types are supported by current NetBrain release:

    • Cisco IOS Router
    • Cisco XR (ASR) Router
    • Cisco IOS-XE Router
    • Juniper Router
    • Cisco IOS Switch
    • Cisco Catalyst Switch
    • Cisco Nexus Switch
    • Juniper Ex Switch
    • HP ProCurve Switch
    • Brocade Switch
    • Arista Switch
    • Force 10 Switch
    • 3Com/H3C Switch
    • Extreme Switch
    • Enterasys Switch
    • Nortel Passport ERS and ESU Switch
    • Ciena Carrier Ethernet Switch
    • Dell PowerConnect Switch
    • Dell Force10 Switch
    • Cisco PIX/ASA Firewall
    • Juniper SRX Firewall
    • Juniper SSG Firewall
    • Juniper NetScreen Firewall
    • Check Point Firewall
    • Palo Alto Firewall
    • Fortinet FortiGate Firewall
    • Sidewinder Firewall
    • Cisco CSS Load Balancer
    • F5 Load Balancer
    • A10 Load Balancer
    • NetScaler Load Balancer
    • Cisco ACE Load Balancer
    • WLC
    • Cisco WAP
    • LWAP
    • Cisco Call Manager
    • IP Phone
    • Cache Engine
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