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NetBrain Enterprise Edition and Consultant Edition are continually updated to include new features, improved compatibility and more. Work directly with our Upgrade Team to deploy the latest version with ease. This complimentary upgrade program is available to our existing customers with an active maintenance plan.

Not sure if your maintenance is active? Contact our Upgrade Team at upgrades@netbraintech.com.

Read more about the program below, or submit your request for an upgrade now.

Upgrade with ease. Let us help.

The upgrade program will ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of our software. The process itself will vary depending upon the size of your deployment.

Self-Guided Upgrade (Less than 1,500 Nodes)

For deployments with less than 1,500 nodes, our team will supply you with detailed upgrade instructions to perform the upgrade yourself.

NetBrian Guided Upgrade (1,500 + Nodes)

For deployments with 1,500 nodes or more, you have the option to schedule a two hour web session with our experts. Within this session our team will perform the upgrade on your behalf.

Get Started

To start, submit your request. Upon receipt, we'll contact you with the Self-Guided Upgrade instructions or to schedule your NetBrain Guided Upgrade session.

Recent Upgrades

Not sure if you'd like to upgrade? Below is a list of the most recent upgrades of our software available. The release notes for each will outline the differences between versions.

Enterprise Edition

Consultant Edition

Have questions about upgrades? Contact us

Reach out to our Upgrade Team to get your questions answered.

Phone Support: +1 (800) 605-7964

Email Support: upgrades@netbraintech.com

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