NetBrain Overview Video

Interactive Demo

Demonstrates NetBrain solutions for network diagramming and network troubleshooting.

[ Video Length: 00:08:11 ]


L1 Training Video

Level1 training covering NetBrain's frequently used features.

[ Video Length: 00:10:44 ]

Video Tutorials Organized by Features

Install NetBrain System

Demonstrate how to install NetBrain System.

[ Video Length: 00:03:14 ]

Activate trial license

Demonstrate how to activate a trial license.

[ Video Length: 00:03:34 ]

Activate permanent license

Demonstrate how to activate a permanent license and check the license.

[ Video Length: 00:04:25 ]

Workspace Wizard

Demonstrate how to build up your workspace using workspace wizard

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:06:33 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:02:13 ]

Discover a Live Network

Demonstrate how NetBrain discovers a network including steps to discover a live network and view the discovery report.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:07:58 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:08:44 ]

Tune Live Access

Demonstrate how to poll live devices using live network settings and then automatically match and fill in the device setting.

[ Video Length: 00:02:08 ]

Manage Unnumbered Interfaces

Demonstrate how to manage IP unnumbered interface.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:03:27 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:28 ]

Fix Up Network Data

Demonstrate two kinds of fix-up data, route table and NAT table, and use the fix-up route table to complete a path.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:04:10 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:59 ]

MPLS Cloud

Demonstrate how to add a MPLS cloud and use it in path discovery.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:04:36 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:56 ]

Device spec

Demonstrate how to update device spec table for more support of your device

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:03:47 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:26 ]

Manage Duplicated IP Addresses

Demonstrate how to manage duplicated IP addresses.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:02:27 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:02:26 ]

Add/Update New Vendor & Model Entries

Demonstrate how to add new vendor&model entries or synchronize the entries with NetBrain vendor&model database.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:03:03 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:04:12 ]

Drag and Drop Configuration Files to Create a Map

Demonstrate how to drag and drop configuration files to create a new map.

[ Video Length: 00:00:37 ]

Create a Map via Extending Neighbors

Demonstrate how to create a new map via extending neighbors function.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:02:45 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:10 ]

Create the Site Map

Demonstrate how to create a site map, i.e.,mapping a device group and mapping a switch group.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:02:08 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:15 ]

Asset Report

Demonstrate how to export asset reports for all devices of the workspace.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:01:43 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:03:27 ]

One Click Word Documentation

Demonstrate how to use one-click Network Documentation feature to document network data.

[ Video Length: 00:04:06 ]

Map the Server Farm

Demonstrate how to map the L2 connectivity of a server farm.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:01:45 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:01:59 ]

Validate an Existing Map

Demonstrate the ways to map the application path between two endpoints, including via Traceroute result, live route table and cached route table.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:02:38 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:02:13 ]

Export a Map to Visio

Demonstrate how to export a map to a Visio file.

[ Video Length: 00:00:44 ]

Design Reader

Demonstrate how to use design reader to understand device configuration easily.

For OEv3.1&v4.0            [ Video Length: 00:01:53 ]
New! For OEv4.1            [ Video Length: 00:02:20 ]

View Configuration Files and Route Tables

Demonstrate how to view configuration files and route tables

[ Video Length: 00:04:22 ]


Demonstrate how to highlight some types of design such as routing protocol and VLAN on the map.

[ Video Length: 00:02:06 ]

Work on a network device

Demonstrate the tools such as Ping/Telnet/Traceroute you can use and how to retrieve the live data of a device.

[ Video Length: 00:02:45 ]

Compare Configuration Files and Route Tables

Demonstrate how to compare historical data such as configurations and route tables and find out any changes.

[ Video Length: 00:03:51 ]

Frequently used map operations

Demonstrate some frequently used map operations to drive network analysis.

[ Video Length: 00:03:35 ]

Monitoring (Heat Map)

Demonstrate how you can turn an L2 or L3 Q-map into a heat map instantly and use the heat map to diagnose performance hot spot.

[ Video Length: 00:04:43 ]


Demonstrate how to use IP SLA toolkit to measure your live network quality.

[ Video Length: 00:03:37 ]

IP Accounting

Demonstrate how to launch the IP accounting and create the path from the top talker.

[ Video Length: 00:02:16 ]

Troubleshoot Benchmark Failure

Demonstrate how to troubleshoot benchmark failure step by step

[ Video Length: 00:05:50 ]

Map the problems

Demonstrate how to use NetBrain to map out the different types of network problems and use the map to help you troubleshoot problem better.

[ Video Length: 00:06:28 ]

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For years, automation in the network management industry has been restricted to configuration management – doing little to ease the burdens of day-to-day documentation and troubleshooting tasks. In this webinar, NetBrain’s Founder, Lingping Gao, showcases how NetBrain’s unique technology leverages a live network map as the single pane of glass, replacing complex scripts to alleviate the pressures of traditional network management.