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Visio-Style Static Network Diagrams

A static network diagram cannot update itself.  After its creation, the software no longer knows the meaning of any icon or link.  It is up to a human being to update the diagram manually. Most network diagrams created by tools such as Visio are static by nature and will require constant manual work to keep diagrams up-to-date. You can create a static network diagram by dragging and dropping icons representing network devices to the map and linking them with proper lines.  Unlike a dynamic network diagram (Qmap), you won’t need to build the underlying data model before building a static diagram.

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A Static Network Diagram by NetBrain

NetBrain’s Dynamic Diagrams differ in that all the icons have meanings and have information linked to them.  However, NetBrain can still be used to create static network diagrams.  Below is a sample static NetBrain map is displayed:

A static network diagram by NetBrain

A Static Network Diagram by NetBrain

There are some advantages of using NetBrain to create static network diagrams.  NetBrain maintains a mini data model for each link.  If you enter the link parameters in this mini data model, you can create a map faster.  See the example below:

drag and drop devices to map to create a network diagram

Step 1:

Drag-and-drop three icons into a NetBrain Q-map

connect devices on a network diagram

Step 2:

Use the link tool to connect the three icons together

view the details of devices on a network diagrams

Step 3:

Fill in the link properties and the results will show up in the map

You can dynamically zoom in and out in a static NetBrain diagram.  You can export a static NetBrain map to Visio as well.

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Network Diagram Stencils

NetBrain has a large set of built-in diagram stencils for network devices.

The most frequently used ones are listed below:

Although, there are a few other tools such as Opnet NetMapper or Solarwinds LAN Surveyor that might specifically help create static network diagrams faster, the results produced by those tools are still static by nature.  Their diagrams are not supported by any data model; they cannot and will not update themselves.

Click here for a detailed comparison.

To find out more about Static Network Diagrams and Dynamic Network Diagrams, go to the Compare Different Network Diagram page.

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