Defend a Network under Attack

Denial-of-service attacks and viruses often make the network unusable, which makes the attack difficult to isolate and defend.

NetBrain can help by allowing you to instantly visualize impacted devices, discover the offending machine, and implement defensive configuration:

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Discover Offending Machine

Leverage NetFlow drill-down to identify the top-talker that is generating malicious traffic.

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Map the Attack Path

Map the attack path between the infected host and the core to determine if other devices have been affected.

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Visualize Performance Impact

Turn on monitoring to determine which links were the most impacted by examining port utilization and performance.

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Automatically Push Defensive Configuration

Use NetBrain’s automated push config capabilities to shunt traffic from its target. For example, apply a static route pointing to Null0 or implement an access-list. NetBrain can automatically update the configuration on all appropriate devices at once.

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