Troubleshoot an Unstable Network

Unstable networks are among the most painful to troubleshoot. It seems that whenever you try to capture data of the infraction, the network magically starts working again. Routing neighbor resets, device overutilization or a flapping port could take days to track down with ping tests and show-commands.

NetBrain visualization and automation can help you quickly uncover the source of the problem:

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Map Problem Area Instantly

Leveraging NetBrain’s dynamic capability, you can map an unstable network automatically. For example, map around a device with a flapping port or map an unstable area (e.g. NY Region).

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Visualize Unstable Network

Turn on live monitoring to visualize which devices are unstable, whether for physical or logical reasons. Flapping ports will be highlighted in yellow. For more transient issues, collect data over several hours or days to capture the fault.

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Analyze Dynamic Route or CAM Tables

NetBrain automatically creates and organizes route tables for every device. You can quickly identify flapping routes by sorting the route table by route age. Flapping routes will have the youngest age.

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Drill-Down with Automation Procedures

There are hundreds of possible causes of unstable networks. Use NetBrain to quickly run the problem to ground. Drag and drop entries from the route table to identify the source of the unstable route. Then run automation procedures, such as ‘Detect CRC Errors’ or ‘Detect OSPF MTU Mismatch’ to identify the root cause.

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