Troubleshoot Multicasting

It’s challenging to troubleshoot a multicast network. Multicast forwarding states are dynamic in nature and external monitoring is required because there is no congestion control. With the increasing demand for video, online collaboration, and omnipresent financial data, multicasting design is growing more and more complex.

NetBrain provides a visual and automated approach to multicast troubleshooting that simplifies the process:

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Map Multicast Domain Instantly

NetBrain can automatically map the Shared Tree (*, G) and Source Tree (S, G) through the use of a multicast mapping procedure to help you visualize the design.

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Probe Performance Hotspots

With NetBrain’s one-click monitoring, you can see live mcast packet traffic across the network.

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Discover Network Changes and Drill-Down

To better troubleshoot Multicast, it helps to know what's changed. Leverage NetBrain automation procedures to discover changes in the Distribution Tree, multicast routing, or the related unicast traffic. Procedures like ‘IGMP Source Registration Issues' can also help identify problems.

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