Troubleshoot WAN Congestion

WAN congestion is a tough war to fight. Legitimate traffic as well as malicious attacks can overrun your WAN pipe in a similar pattern. The challenge comes from the transient nature of congestion. Engineers must be able to troubleshoot issues while they are happening.

NetBrain enables you to react to real-time troubleshooting needs:

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Map Congested WAN Links Instantly

Immediately after a problem is reported, you can instantly create a dynamic map of the network devices around the congestion.

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Visualize WAN Congestion from the Map

Rather than sorting through pages of reports from NMS tools or CLI command output, you can launch diagnostic monitoring to visualize which WAN links are congested in real time.

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Use NetFlow to Drill-Down the Top-talkers

Take advantage of NetFlow or IP Accounting on supported devices and leverage NetBrain to discover the top talkers instantly.

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