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  Enterprise Edition Consultant Edition
Overview A client-server solution for enterprise networks of all sizes. A portable automation solution for on-the-go consultants.
Network Discovery
Neighbor-Walking Discovery Algorithm
Support Multi-Vendor Devices
L2/L3 Discovery
Discovery Via Configuration Files
Automated Re-Discovery  
Scale for Enterprise Network  
Discover Restricted Network Behind DMZ  
Collaborative Workspace
Local Workspace
Multiple Workspaces
Shared Workspace  
Dynamic Mapping
On-Demand Mapping
Map Routing Table
Map Traceroute
Map By Visual Search
Map Dynamic Device Group
Map Link and Switch Group
Map Entire Network by Site
Update Map Automatically  
Customizable Automation
Hundreds of Built-in Procedures
Run Automation Procedures from the Map
Customize & Shared Qapps/Procedures
Automate Network Documentation
One-Click Visio
One-Click Document Automation
Inventory Management
Network Topology Table (L2/L3)
Visual Troubleshooting
CLI-Command Automation
Benchmarking Network  
Diagnostic Monitoring
Customizable Alarms
Automate Troubleshooting Logic
Netflow, IP Accounting, IPSLA
Map Application Flow
Change Management (Add-on Module)
Define Changes with Map  
Automatically Push Config Changes  
Instantly Analyze Impact of Changes  
Instantly Document Change Process  
Compare Configuration & Topology Changes  
Change Analysis
Incremental Change Analysis
On Demand Change Analysis
Network Design Analysis
Thin Client  
Big Workspace Support (50,000 nodes)  
How It Works
Dynamic Network Diagram
Adaptive Network Automation
Deep Application Flow Analysis
Automate Documentation
Visual Troubleshooting
Automate Network Change
Enterprise Edition
Consultant Edition
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